Soil pH Meter

The Soil pH Meter is a simple manual tool that measures the pH level of soil.

Preparation of soil:

  1. Remove topsoil to depth of 50mm.
  2. Use hand fork to loosen remaining soil, removing stones and other debris.
  3. Mix soil with water.

Preparation of meter:

  1. Lightly abrade probe but not tip, with fine abrasive paper.
  2. Wipe with cloth or tissue.

Instructions for use:

  1. Insert probe into soil with a twisting motion
  2. Leave for one minute
  3. Read dial on meter
  4. Remove and clean probe with clean cloth
  5. Prepare probe as previously described and repeat above by inserting the probe into a different but adjacent point to check the first reading.

Do not leave the probe in the soil for long periods.


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